Elevate your space with Impress Design Staging’s comprehensive services, where each offering is a brushstroke in the canvas of captivating design.

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We specialize in showcasing the unique charm of ordinary homes. We are passionate about turning the everyday into something extraordinary through thoughtful and affordable home staging solutions. Your home, no matter how ordinary, can be appealing with our staging and will it help it sell quickly!

Discover the joy of affordable yet impactful home staging!

Our services are tailored to the needs of ordinary homeowners, helping to maximize your property’s potential without breaking the bank. From city condos to suburban residences, we bring out the best in every space.

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Quality staging that fits your budget without compromising on style.

Personalized Touch

Customized solutions that embrace the unique features of your home.

Quick Turnaround

Experience a swift transformation that enhances your home’s appeal.

Approachable Team

Friendly experts ready to make your home stand out without the fuss.


Our clients speak louder than our designs. Discover the magic of Impress Design Staging through the words of those who entrusted us with their homes. Your success story begins with us!

Mary with Impress Design Staging did a great job staging homes for my clients. The homes really looked beautiful and inviting when the staging was done. It was quite a transformation from empty rooms to Wow!My clients got offers quickly on their homes because they looked so appealing!1–2-day turnaround time was fantastic and the price was affordable! I highly recommend Impress Design Staging.
Jerry Howard, John L. Scott Real Estate, Renton
Mary with Impress Design Staging has been an invaluable partner in showcasing my home listings for the past few years, and her expertise in staging has consistently exceeded my expectations.
Mary’s keen eye for design and attention to detail have transformed every property she has staged into a visually stunning and inviting space. Her ability to highlight the unique features of each home has undoubtedly contributed to the success of my listings. Mary understands the importance of creating an atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers, and her tasteful choices always strike the perfect balance.
Beyond her exceptional design skills, Mary is a true professional to work with. She is organized, reliable, and dedicated to delivering results. Her commitment to excellence and passion for her craft make her an asset to any real estate team. I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Shanley and Impress Design Staging to anyone seeking to elevate the presentation of their properties and maximize their selling potential.
Jeff Dickinson, Realtor eXp Realty
I had the privilege to work with Mary at Impress Design Staging on a condo I was preparing to list. Despite having a limited budget and a short window, Mary was able to spring into action. She did an amazing job in highlighting the condo’s best features. The home sold within 4 days delighting the customer. Mary operates with integrity, transparency and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.
Renee Bornfreund, Realtor, eXp Realty
I have used Mary with Impress Design Staging to stage many listings over the years.I have found that staginghas helped my listing to sell for more money and faster. Mary is a very hard worker and performed her staging services for me in an outstanding manner and was very good at trying to keep my costs down. I highly recommend Impress Design Staging.
Bill Crumbaker, Realtor, John L. Scott Real Estate